Creating A Montana Wedding Video: Andy & Megan Young at Holland Lake Lodge

Creating A Montana Wedding Video: Andy & Megan Young at Holland Lake Lodge

As a Montana wedding videographer you never know what kind of weather you’re going to experience, snow storms in July, hurricane strength winds and 50 degree temperature weather changes in less than ten minutes are not unheard of.

That being said the threat of rain couldn’t dampen the spirits of Andy and Megan on their wedding day. They both made it very clear that no matter what the weather did they were getting married. Lucky for them the weather cooperated and we were able to capture the beauty of this stunning couple on their special day. From start to finish we were constantly impressed by this couple and their loved ones. The intimate family-like vibe lended itself to capturing some amazing moments from the bride and groom sailing off in their own just married canoe to the touching and hilarious congratulations on there video booth this is one wedding we will not soon forget.

We instantly knew the day would be a good one

Arriving early at Holland Lake Lodge just south of Kalispell near Flathead lake, we were excited to be greeted by Carrie-Ann Doyle, maybe the most renowned wedding photographer in Montana. Having seen her work many times before, we instantly knew the day would be a good one. She told us that she had worked with a few Montana wedding videographer’s before, but few had set out to achieve the cinematic wedding video style that we produce, so she was excited to see our work.

One of our favorite ways to work as wedding videographers is to film at a similar focal length to the wedding photographer. This produces better results all around for the client. We can compose beautiful scenes, working with the photographer, bouncing ideas around and having a seamless working environment with the bride and groom. This was very true for Megan & Andy’s wedding.

While Justin was setting up establishing time-lapses and capturing aerial video of Holland Lake and Holland Lake Lodge using the drone, Anthony was working with Carrie-Ann, filming the bride getting ready all morning. As the day progressed on, the teams worked together to choreograph how the ceremony would be filmed.

At a moments notice about an hour before the ceremony was supposed to happen, the wedding planner from Holland Lake Lodge announced the ceremony was happening immediately, due to the weather clearing and the rain stopping. Luckily the Bonafide Film House wedding video crew had planned for this, by having cameras planted and lav mic’s on the groom ahead of time.

The rest of the day was a breeze

After a beautiful ceremony, the weather completely cleared up and the rest of the day was a breeze. The guests got to unwind and the bride and groom had a beautiful wedding.

Later that week, the Bonafide Film House wedding video crew edited together a gorgeous organic wedding video, that received wide complements abound. We had a absolute blast making Megan & Andy’s beautiful wedding video and we hope they have wonderful lives together.

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We were lucky enough to work with these amazing vendors:

Carrie Ann Photography

Holland Lake Lodge 

Riverhaus Productions