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If one thing has changed since the days of shooting on film, there is no mystery. Now you can look in the viewfinder of your Sony mirrorless camera and see the shot you just took, reliving it over and over, reviewing it instantly. Noticing the errors, the smallest flaws, a missed focus pull, and slight underexposure; letting you instantly see any problem and letting you fix it right away. If there is one thing I can say about Colton and Freya’s amazing wedding at Sky Ride Ranch near Missoula Montana, we never had to review a shot, there wasn’t one mistake made, everything went perfectly.
It was Bonafide Film Houses last wedding of 2016. We were exhausted and relieved, but excited to be seeing some old faces. The first Montana wedding video we ever created was with Carrie Anne Photography; she is a wonderful woman, who takes wonderful pictures, with a wonderful assistant. She was the photographer at Freya’s wedding and we were ecstatic. We were also excited to be creating a Montana wedding video at a venue we knew well, Sky Ridge Ranch is located near Ronan Montana, located in the foothills of the beautiful mountains, it is the wedding venue girls dream of. We were at a comfortable venue with people we were comfortable with.

We were also excited to be creating a Montana wedding video at a venue we knew well

Having lodged in Missoula the night before the Bonafide Film House Montana wedding video crew was well rested and ready to get to work. Arriving early, Anthony Cohen was dropped off at the house Freya was staying at and Justin Kietzman headed to the venue to get started on the time-lapses and aerial videography. From here on out the day was a beautiful breeze.
The first look was a Montana wedding videographers dream. Taking place in a aspen grove with beautiful mountains in the background, a series of beautiful wide shots were taken as Freya walked up to Colton. He was blown away by his beautiful Montana bride, standing in the middle of beautiful golden trees, the two of them posed beautifully for one of the nicest first looks I have ever seen. Staging in the lovely lake at Sky Ride Ranch, Justin lined up some very lovely aerial shots, that worked out great in the final piece.

The first look was a Montana wedding videographers dream.

After the first look was over, they headed to the field closer to the mountains and took beautiful group photos with the snow capped range in the background. Having the bridesmaids and groomsmen join them, they posed for some very fun and lively group pictures.
From here on out the day was a breeze, the ceremony was gorgeous, with extremely touching vows from Freya. Heart felt speeches from the family and a lovely fire out back in the pit closed off a wonderful day with a relaxing evening. This is a wedding that we will not soon forget and neither will Colton and Freya.

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By Justin Kietzman

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Director and Editor at Bonafide Film House



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